Easy + Creative + Fun = Homemade Toys

Homemade toys are not just more economical alternatives to mass market toys, but can be so much more than what’s bought in the shops. The joy of making something – however simple – for your toddlers to play with, to learn from, to remember when they grow up is priceless. Toys made from recycled or scrap material are also good for the environment our children will inherit. It’s also great to be diverse, to give a child many options to choose from and help nurture their independent taste and imagination – after all there are many cat toys that are not Hello Kitty. So for all the heart felt reasons, we have made this page dedicated to all our homemade toy projects.

We love homemade stuff and want to share with you our ideas for making toys at home – unique paper toys to print and make, simple templates for craft toys from home sourced materials and many other simple tutorials that don’t require printing. Woohoo!

Finger Puppets & Jointed Dolls

We have a growing series of cool finger puppets and fun jointed dolls!

My Paper World

Create your own play environment with Mr P’s My Paper World series!

  • Jane T

    Thank you for the printables. My great granddaughters are going to love the cone people. I have to figure out what they are wrapped around. One picture looked like there was a can inside. Maybe those tiny bathroom cups will do. I will have to figure that out.

  • thedoctorsgirlfriend

    i made the christmas tree dolls house and it looks amazing, thank you so much Mr Printables

  • Louis Louise


  • Sarah S

    This is my all time favorite website for new things to do with my kiddo. Thank you so much Mr Printables! So much better than buying toys all the time!