• Alexandria Corrine Aguirre

    My laptop top is currently sitting on top of my printer as these print! Absolutely awesome and I really enjoy your printables! Such amazing and fun learning tools! THANK YOU

    • shshriar

      love u

  • Christina Wilson

    I do home daycare and have 3-4yr olds. Love these Printables for my kids worksheets. Thank you.

  • farshideh

    it is beautiful and so usefull. thank you.

  • Selly Meliana

    Thank you, very usefull :)

  • jennifer thomson

    thank yoiu very much, it was a great hel[p

  • Theresa Swayne

    Need for the number coloring pages to go up to the number 20

    • Beve

      I agree

    • mommabug

      i would love them if they went up to 20 :)

  • Nancy

    WOW!! I love this site – am so glad I found it! Everything is so beautiful – my kids are going to love it! If you are looking for cool free colouring pages – check out this site as well – http://lecolouring.com/ – hope that helps!

  • Meridenise López

    Could you by any chance add the number words in spanish? That would be great!!!!

    • mrprintables

      We’re working on it! ^ ^

      • Meridenise López

        Awesome!! Thanks!!!

  • Beve

    love this helps me out a lot

  • Lindsay Naporano

    How do you download? I tried the button on the right “Regular Download” and it downloaded VLC media player, but no coloring pages….

    • K Chastain

      if you click on the pink highlighted “number9″ it will open a new page so you can print

      • Lindsay Naporano

        Thanks! I wasn’t sure if there was a way to download all of them at once.

  • Carmelita Spatts

    Beautiful as always! <3 Thank you :)

  • Sarah

    It would be super awesome to have these in spanish too!!

  • sugarkisses

    These are great in assisting kids in learning their numbers.