Santa & Co Paper Dolls

Printable Christmas Decorations
Santa & Co…nes

They curve, they stack and they’re best of friends. We’re excited to introduce the first of our printable Christmas decorations: Santa Claus and Co – Elf, Rudolf the Reindeer, a boy, a snow bunny and a Christmas tree. Six Christmas paper dolls you can make easily from just 2 sheets of paper! They are so simple you can print and make them in a few minutes.
They are really versatile – from delightful Christmas tree decorations, accessories to Christmas table settings, children’s holidays toys, hanging pendants to stocking fillers… + all of your ideas we haven’t thought of yet!

Here are a few things we did with them:
We hid a sweet under one of the cones, swapped them around a bit & challenged the kids to guess which one’s got it (like the classic magic cups). It’s a good simple Christmas game.

Then we had fun placing the cones over large marbles and racing them around. They waltz around in funny ways – big laughs! : D You have to try it! Afterwards we put them on our window sills and they look oh so sweet.

Santa & Co Christmas decorations

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