Printable Party Favors

Are you looking for special kids party favor ideas that are far away from the usual shop bought trinkets? Our free printable party favors page has a great selection of creative little bags and boxes to fill, as well as many other creative ideas for your own party favor that’s unlike anyone else’s! Children are happy creatures who get so excited by the smallest surprise and party favors really don’t have to be expensive to be special or include usual brand stuff that’s nothing new to them. Enjoy making these small things together with children while preparing for the party.
Many of our bags and boxes are not just packages but gifts in themselves that children can keep and enjoy.

Paper Island by Crowded Teeth
Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats
Back to School Pencil Favor Boxes
Bunny Valentine Favor Bags
Geometric Heart Favor Boxes
Pyramid Bunny Favor Box
Bunny Party Favor Bags
Printable Party Favors | Bug Boxes
Bat Halloween Party Favor Bags
Frog Party Favor Bags