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  • Sally Metzger

    Ok so i absolutely LOVE your graphics! I am on the hunt for a daily routine chart for my kids, and wondered if you’ve ever thought of doing something like this? Or perhaps you already have a product like this and i just didn’t find it… I can’t seem to find anything (for free or to purchase) that has the style of graphics i want on the chart. I should mention my kiddos are age 4 and 2 so i’m specifically looking for simple, cute pictures that clearly spell out tasks like, brush teeth (maybe a toothbrush and paste?) , make bed, get dressed, eat breakfast (like toast or a bowl of cereal), go potty, clean up toys, hug mommy, jammies, get in bed, etc. If there’s any chance you have something like this or are working on it would you let me know? I need more routine in my life but i sure as hell don’t want it to be ugly! thank you!

    Sally Metzger